Why grain products from Frühaufmühle?

For more than 70 years  the Frühauf Mühle produces from untreated wheat mill, rye and spelled products of the highest quality. Because of the health of our customers is very important, we obtain our high-quality materials - rye, wheat and spelled exclusively by local farmers in Austria. Guaranteed GM-free.

Our products

Product Quantity
Küchen Gold wheat flour 2000g
BIO spelt flour 1000g
wheat flour and Rye bread flour 1000g
Whole wheat pasta, soup noodles, spaghetti noodles 500g
Handmade bread, rye bread, sunflower wheat bread, pumpkin bread, whole wheat bread various quantity

other packing sizes

Products Quantity
rye flour 10kg, 25kg or 50kg
wheat flour 25kg or 50kg sacks
feed 30kg or 40kg sacks