Our company

We are a Lavanttaler traditional company, who is producing best quality of bread for more than 80 years

  • rye bread, whole wheat bread, linseed bread, sunflower bread and pumpkin seed bread
  • various flours (rye, wheat)
  • pasta (soup, spaghetti , tagliatelle, ...)

Visions, prospects for the future

The eating habits of our society has changed in the Lavant valley in the last 20 years dramatically.

In the fast moving world, the food is no longer given such high importance. "Fast Food" has  conquered the racks in the grocery stores, fast food chains has positioned itself in the last two decades, very strong in Austria. Furthermore, even on brown bread or white bread sector a very severe price war has broken out of discount stores, which has brought massive slump in sales to he the local bakery and mill holdings.

Despite this rather bleak outlook, we will continue to focus on quality and regionality and also continue to invest in new sustainabletechnologies and methods of extraction and brown bread flour active generation.

Plansichter  Stiftsmuehle Abscheider

Particular attention is paid to our employees, who give with their motivation and commitment the best offer tot he customers every day. Also in the future we will distance ourselves from chemical preservatives and exclusively offer products from local rye, wheat or spelled.

The customer is the focus of our interest, he has also always the possibility to convince our direct sales of quality and origin of our products. Questions and suggestions from customers, we face like open and helpful.

Straight from the "older" people appreciated the delivery service. Find out the best thing for us today!