The company was founded in 1932 Sylvester Fruehauf Pichling. The former time was not an easytime, just think of the interwar period and the ensuing difficult economic times in the 30s. The specially prepared meals in the old mill were so popular a few years later the mill was expanded.

Geographically located very centrally in the Lavant valley, was at that time - the mechanical energy to 100% due to the water power of the adjacent creek Reisberger provided - just as it usual for a traditional flour mill was.

The major raw material and "Grain of Life" provided the number of farmers from the Lavant Valley. Hard to imagine today, but at harvest time in summer for days and weeks were the farmers with the teams of horses busy transporting the grain from the field to the mill.

In addition to the Getreidevermahlung (rye and wheat) was begun as another pillar of the black bread production. Was first on a small scale, ie using the in-house wood stove, in the 50's, the "Bakery" enlarged to cover the increased demand.

Absackung  Verpackung, Palettierung Prallmaschine

From 1964, Simon and his wife Christiana Salzmann took over in 2 Generation operation. Hr. Salzmann was originally made ​​from forest and learned the trade of miller in the master Fruehauf mill as well as in other known mills in Austria. In the 60s and 70s the company was steadily expanded (500 t silo. Capacity, modernization of Getreidevermahlung, enlargement of the bakery, pastaproduction).

His son Helmut also learned the trade of miller master in your own company or in Wels at the former School of milling.

In 1983, in 3rd Generation to Mr. Helmut Salzmann pass operation. For more technical renovations to increase production in the mill were characteristic of this and the following decade. Renewal of the grain cleaning or Mehlabsackung (aspirator, Cleaner,Stone removal, peeling machines, including filtering, filter nozzles and new screens) were the largest investment in the future.Since the late 90s and further feed are sold for agricultural use.